Digital Video deploys  it’s  computer graphics expertise in different application domains:  Broadcast  & Feature Film, Mobile Applications, Industry, Defence and Security, (control systems and monitoring), BioMedical (Medical Imaging), Cultural Assets, Assistive Technologies either designing and developing innovative products  by itself  or delivering contract-based developments of  software  components for large  system (e.g. Defence  and Security GUIs). Moreover  it has developed  some  long term strategic relationships  with Universities and research centers by developing in close cooperation with them several research projects in order to achieve and update the foundational know-hows for its industrial projects.


The research project Comedians (COllaborative real-tiMe multimEDia InterActioNs for Storytelling) aims to create a online platform for collaborative interactive storytelling. The result of the project is a website where users can create multimedia narrative, in a full live connection among them, using different means (text hypertext, interactive animations, multimodal interfaces).The project led to the release of a commercial product also called Comedians.


CALLAS aims to design and develop a Framework based on a plug-in multimodal architecture, to interpret and process emotional aspects in real-time for easy and fast development of applications for Art and Entertainement.


INSCAPE aims at enabling ordinary people to use and master the latest Information Society Technologies for interactively conceiving, authoring, publishing and experiencing interactive stories whatever their form, be it theatre, movie, cartoon, puppet show, video-games, interactive manuals, training simulators, etc.


The objective of PAPERLESS is to design and evaluate an advanced animation environment based on the combination of user-friendly software tools integrated with an innovative interaction device. This combination will directly support vector-based drawing by an artist onto an interactive slate, and eliminate the need to draw and scan hundreds of paper sketches. By enabling an artist to “draw through time”, dragging and changing characters and objects across frames, a radically new, streamlined…Pap


`Diva` is a javascript library that allows the display of a `digital assistant` within web pages, constituted by an animated human model, able to move his head, to speak and show emotion. The speech is associated with playing a sound file, with labial randomly created or reproduced on the basis of a file containing a phonetics trace.


It is going to be a surprising journey through the world of Mathematics, and you will be amazed to discover how much Math is concealed everywhere!


AMACO is a system that controls machines cooperating in the open field. It is very useful in agriculture and industry.


The Vocs project aim is to create software for the design, implementation and execution of interactive stories, where the main mode of interaction is the voice. The software Vocs, using audiovisual content, allows to create stories of various type with an innovative interface, designed for use by authors without programming and video compositing skills.


The goal of SINTESYS (Security and INTelligence SYSstem) is to study, define and develop new technologies for the realization of an innovative integrated system which can analyse, plan, investigate ‘open’ multi-modal (text, images, video, audio) data sources (OSINT – Open Source INTelligence) in an integrated, coherent and consistent way.

Virtual Life

VirtualLife aims to combine a high quality immersive 3D virtual experience with the trustworthiness of a secure communication infrastructure, focusing on the creation of secure and ruled places within the virtual world where important transactions can occur.


AVIO3D designed and prototyped a portable unit capable to represent in 3D GNSS data, terrain profiles, navigation data as well as to let the user visualize data received from other systems. Such unit is designed for use in amateur avionics.

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Digital Video s.r.l. 1981-2018

Via Sante Bargellini, 4 

00157 Rome - ITALY


Phone:+39 06 43252306